You're not alone. Here are some of the more typical stories we've encountered and for which DELVIN has solutions. You will likely be able to relate to at least one.

The Time Clock Conundrum

The Time Clock Conundrum

As a practice manager, do you find it difficult to know whether all the early-in and late-out punches are justified?

The Division of Labour Dilemma

Practices are often made up of more than one dentist, each operating as their own corporate entity.  However, it can be a bit of a nightmare to accurately determine the proporotion of payroll each corporation should be contributing. Some practices try to deal with this by keeping each dentist's team siloed.  But this doesn't provide any flexibility should there be unexpected absences from work.  DELVIN provides a way to track what job team members are doing and then it collates this data in reports that show you exactly how the work was divvied up.  Your practice is free to benefit from the ability to be responsive and flexible with the knowledge that each dentist is contributing to payroll appropriately.

Managing Staff Away Time is Time-Consuming

Managing your team's time-off requests seems to take a lot more time than it should.  You need a solution that takes care of all the details for you so you can focus on higher-level tasks.

Timely Reports

For a practice manager or owner, the ability to quickly identify problem areas is key to being a pro-active manager.  But when data is only availble at the month-end, and for some reports at year-end,  its impossible to know if measures taken are having the desired effect.  What you really need is real-time data.