Developed for practice owners

Created for accountability.

Pinpoint the cause of disappointing profitability

Payroll is consistently higher than expected
Production and collection targets are not met
You have no safeguards against theft
You'd like to get a handle on Empty Chair time

An SaaS* tool that provides real-time reporting of your numbers

DELVIN does for your staff what your Practice Management Software does for your patients

*Software as a service

DELVIN provides the tools to help you save thousands in net profit dollars

DEVLIN makes it easy to:

Track the true cost of Open Time (empty chair)
Bring accountability and transparency to the issue of Extra Time
Track target, production and collections
Ensure payroll hours are in compliance with labour laws
Track vacation hours accrued and taken
Maintain an historical record of all employee hours

Built to handle group practices

You've got several Dentists sharing an office? No problem.

Production and collections are correlated to the group or groups in which your Hygienists and Associates work. You get reports that clearly show proportions by group, employee and/or type of work.

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Experience a More Settled Workplace

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Timely numbers put you in the driver's seat

Have more confidence in your staff
Relax and focus on your patients
Don't worry about the office when you're not there
Know that you are building a successful practice