Picking up where your Practice Management Software leaves off

You're got the right tools to manage your patients, now here's the right tool to manage your staff and access powerful metrics about your dental practice.

Carole McLeod, B. Ed

Carole recognized the value of fine-tuning processes in the business aspect of dentistry very early on. She developed one of the first practice management software programs in Canada eventually selling it to Exan in early 2000. She lead the ExanMercedes team for 12 years as Vice-Presdient.

As Carole continued to work with dentists she identified an area of the Dental Practice business that was continuing to rely on paper processes to gather information. In collaboration with dentists, consultants and managers she conceptualized a digital system to gather & output real-time data.

Email: carole@delv-in.com

Cindy Young, B. Sc.

Cindy has been developing custom SaaS applications for over a decade and has a background in interactive multimedia development. She has developed apps for clients such as UBC’s Life Sciences Centre, The Department of Zoology, UBC, The Fisheries Centre, UBC as well as varied clients in other business sectors.