Designed for dental practices.

Created for happier employees.

Easy-to-use HR management software.
A tool that's more than a typical time clock.

Powerful HR Management Tools Keep Everyone Happy

With DELVIN, You Will:

Know what's happening around the office
Have confidence in your payroll hours totals
Have more accurate data on open time, extra time
Reduce conflict over who clocked in and out
Feel less stress dealing with staffing issues
Reduce HR-related interruptions to your day
Lower frustrations by providing tools for staff
Receive ongoing support
Designed For Dental Practices
Keeps Scheduling Fair and Accountable
Accurate Real-Time Data

You're managing patient hours, but what about your employees?
How are you helping them stay on track?

An hour here, a minute there, it all adds up, along with office tension.
Wouldn't it be nice if you could do more than rely on inaccurate paper chits or generic time clocks.

DELVIN picks up where your Practice Management Software leaves off.

Managing everyone's schedules, down to the minute, is challenging and time-consuming. Especially when you don't have the right system in place. DELVIN keeps things fair by making each team member accountable for their own hours. That frees you up to enjoy your work and focus on more important things.

Choose Features For More Control

It'll Feel Like Your Practice is on Autopilot

Time clock recording
Staff work history
Time away request tool
Tracking of Vacation Accrued and Used
Staff time-off reports
Collections log and reports
Production log and reports
Extra time log and reports
Open Time log and reports
Month end reports
Staff Schedule
Time banking
Staff hours report for payroll
Daily production log and reports
Manage multiple practices remotely
Can accommodate multi-group practices
Legal requirement compliance
Software updates, training and support
Get DELVIN Working for You

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Get A Customized Solution

We’ll set up the software with accounts for each team member and then train your office on using it.


Experience a More Settled Workplace

Everyone enjoys coming to work and having more control over their hours.

DELVIN makes the whole team more accountable in a positive way
Office Manager, St. John's NL
When I work on my month end, DELVIN makes it so quick to consolidate the month end figures.
Practice Manager, Vancouver BC
Set-up support was exceptional and more than met my expectations. A huge thank you to both Carole & Cindy; your direction and insights on DELVIN reports makes me feel that you are part of my Collaboration Team
Practice Manager, Moncton NB
I rely on DELVIN so much to keep track with holidays and to make sure we have staff coverage.
Practice Manager, Vancouver BC
As Hygiene Coordinator, DELVIN is a very useful tool in assisting me with keeping on top of open time in our hygiene schedules. The hygienists take a great interest in the information DELVIN provides and it’s awesome that we can utilize the information together. I love the program!!
Re-Care Specialist, St. John's NL
DELVIN provides me instant access to effectively track my clients' dental business, especially those with multiple practices. 
Dental Consultant, Moncton NB
DELVIN has saved me so much time when I am running my payroll.  It used to be  a painful process but with DELVIN, it is so easy!
Practice Manager, Vancouver BC

Confidently manage your employees with ease.

DELVIN eliminates frustration around time management by giving you control over common staff issues. Bring peace to your office with a simple, integrated SaaS tool your entire staff can use and appreciate.

Staff managment conflicts can easily get out of hand.

Don't jeopardize your practice or good employees because of lack of clarity around procedures or expectations.

DELVIN is a simple solution that really is more than a typical time clock.