• Data provided by DELVIN makes it possible for dentists and managers to create guidelines and goals, for staff and for the business, and to make strategic planning decisions in a timely manner.
  • It creates an infra-structure from which staff can measure their own performance.
  • It provides ground-rules which assures staff they are treated fairly and are in a safe environment. This improves morale and allows staff to focus on their work and their patients.

How DELVIN HR (Tier 1) Works:

  1. Each person in the practice has a Schedule created for them in DELVIN.
  2. With a simple touch of the Time Clock, each person records the time they work.
  3. DELVIN compares actual times recorded to scheduled times and creates alerts or makes adjustments where relevant.
  4. When Extra Time is required, staff make a quick log entry. Log data is used to ensure staff are paid for Extra Time, to analyse patterns of Extra Time for better HR resource allocation and to provide documentation to support payroll disputes.
  5. Time Away is logged in DELVIN to provide staff and administrators with an accurate account of time taken in the past and time booked for the future. A clear account of Time Away that is accessible to both staff and admin means there are no misunderstandings.
  6. Payroll, whether it is done in-house or contracted out, is simple when Staff Hours from DELVIN are used. Staff Hours reports provide summaries and details of regular hours, over-time hours, statutory holiday entitlement and time away for any time period you set.

All of the above together let staff know that everyone is treated equally and according to the Employment Standards in their region, improving morale and allowing them to focus on their work and their patients.

How DELVIN Productivity Metrics (Tier 2) Works:

  1. When producers find themselves with an open chair they make a quick Open Time log entry.
  2. Actual net production and net collections are logged in the Production & Collections Logs.
  3. The Dashboard collates Target Production, Actual Production, Open Time and Collections for a snapshot of the state of the practice allowing practice owners to see at-a-glance if there are financial or productivity issues needing attention.
  4. Month-to-Month Comparison Reports of Open Time & Productivity, when used with The Dashboard, are the basis of creative change and growth in your practice.